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All About Pine Nuts

n uproarious and often poignant memoir set in the woods of northern Michigan at the most famous and beloved summer arts camp in the world: Interlochen.

Alumni and wannabes alike will delight in this rollicking tribute to the ecstasy of an eight-week immersion in an American arts dreamland. A camper for two summers who later returned as an instructor, Thom Feild stages his own witty, insightful look at Interlochen and its enduring influence on his life. Rich with recollections of captivating characters (Dude, camp's charismatic Busby Berkeley of operetta), unforgettable performances (the Dying Swan as you've never seen it), and behind-the-scenes camp lore (what is it about blue corduroy?), this little book has a beat you can dance to. And act to. And sing to, as well.
Unlike other accounts of Interlochen, Pine Nuts shines the spotlight directly on theatre arts.
Pine NutsIt's these multitalented campers and staff who, each year, bring to feverish life the dramas, musicals, and operettas that are long-standing camp traditions — among them Les Preludes, the perennial year-end spectacular featuring the pomp and histrionics of five hundred teenage musicians and dancers. Packed with vivid observations and wry humor, Feild's recounting of the theatre clan's backstage business and emotional escapades makes this one truly entertaining playbill.
A small press book originally released in August 2006, Pine Nuts appeals to a wide audience that includes both teens and adults: Interlochen alumni, former staff and faculty, and anyone else interested in the arts or arts education.